२९ असार २०८१, शुक्रबार

Message from the Chairman

Greetings from the Chairman! On behalf of the organization and personally, I extend warm greetings to all the distinguished members, the backbone of our SACCOS, and to all our well-wishers. I also extend a warm welcome to our official website. The purpose of this website is to effectively convey the activities of the organization to the members. I hope and believe that you will provide us with more encouragement to propel the SACCOS to greater heights with greater organization and efficiency. I also request your valuable suggestions.

Shalikram Dhakal

Welcome to Kishan Kalyan

Our SACCOS was established 28 years ago with the vision of being a competitive and the best choice financial institution focused on the economic and social prosperity of our members, moving forward with a single slogan. I take pride in the rich history of our SACCOS, which began with the collective desire of 34 people to escape high-interest loans for agricultural necessities like fertilizers, seeds, and tools. It was informally established by collecting a total of Rs. 1,700 from 34 people, Rs. 50 each, on the 13th of Kartik, 2053. Operating an informal savings program for five years, it later converted into a SACCOS and was legally registered on the 25th of Bhadra, 2058 B.S. We currently boast more than 22,500 members, the highest number in SACCOs across the district, with a total balance sheet of 1.31 billion, the largest volume in the district. We have expanded our working area to cover 48 wards and 5 local levels of the district, served by 58 employees. Additionally, we have 9 offices in various locations within our working area to provide easy services to our members. Our journey began with enrolling in the umbrella organization by becoming a member of NCBL in 2060 B.S. Cooperation with umbrella organizations started thereafter, and currently, we are members of 6 different umbrella organization at district and central levels. We operate under the supervision of NEFSCUN since joining the Access Branding Program in 2068 B.S., conducted by ACCU.We have received numerous national and international awards since 2064 B.S., starting with the Best SACCOS award from Cooperative Division Office Sunsari. In 2068 B.S., we received a letter of appreciation for the best business from the National Cooperative Bank and were awarded the Best Cooperative in the Eastern Development Region by NEFSCUN. In 2016, we achieved the Access Bronze from the Asian Credit Union, the first international award in our history, and received the same brand in 2017 and 2018. In 2019, we proudly received the Access Silver brand, making us the first SACCOS in Sunsari district to achieve this recognition. Additionally, we were honored with the Best Inter-lending award by NEFSCUN in 2074 B.S. and received the award for the Best SACCOS in the country in the fiscal year 2076/77. Our latest accolade is the Best SACCOS in Koshi Province by NCBL in 2079 B.S.

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