१४ चैत्र २०७९, मंगलवार

About Us

Sunsari District Ekamba Ward No. 4, The informal savings program of a total of Rs.1700 collected by 34 people living around Balgram Chowk on 13th Kartik 2053 at Rs.50 per person was approved by the first meeting on 23rd Bhadra 2058 in the proposed regulation 2058 of the then cooperative division office Sunsari on 25th Bhadra 2058 Later, the recognized institution of Savings and Credit Cooperatives is the current Kisan Kalyan Savings and Credits Cooperative. In the beginning, business was done only in 3 gavis, namely Ekamba, Hashposa, Pakli, after expanding the scope, 1 ward of 1 village, 1 ward of 3 municipalities and 1 sub-municipal city have been provided services to the rural communities.

Scope of the organization: The scope of the organization includes the following places of Sunsari District

1. Itahari Sub-Metropolitan City

2. Ramdhuni Municipality

3. Inaruwa Municipality

4. Barahkshetra Municipality

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